Breathing November

Hi Rachel Here

I currently live in Southport with my husband and three children, We serve at the Elim church, and I am particularly involved in the worship there. I now work part time teaching woodwind. I spent my growing up years in Nottingham, then moved to Yorkshire to study music at Bretton hall arts college in which I majored in clarinet, and my second study was piano.

After graduation the real world of work kicked in and I started teaching music and art and though creative impulses needed an outlet. I had always written words down, and one day I sat at the piano with a heap of journals and paper and the song writing bug got hold. I became a christian at a young age, and had a very supportive family, I thank God for patiently keeping me. A friend heard my song ' your presence' and told me about the re -leased album.. so I sent it off and went to record it. The song I wrote very quickly after an experience of the prescence of God which changed my perception of the God I thought I knew.. it was life changing and still continues to be. In feb 05 I recorded my first album 'Breathing November' at db studios and I have another song on the next release album called 'Jesus is the name'. I`m currently writing it seems continually..and I`m seeking God as to how best to serve him. This website contains dates I`m playing, and contact details. Thanks for reading and God bless.


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