Dressing up

Dressing up in an oversized coat
my year after year shoes take me from home
The fringe in my eyes moves
as the wind chooses the view
I'm tired of pretending. But what can I do
You say. Nothing
You do something amazing
You stop me... in my tracks...
You've seen it all before anyway
You say nothing
You do something amazing
Theres nothing i can do theres nothing i can say
To make you think of me in any other way... Anyway
I'm dressing my fear with a fearless attempt
of every obstacle put in my way
I'm dressing my face with a smile that fits
and i'm dressing my future with a plan
So i think
There's something so real something so new
There's something entirely different about you
Before i can think i take off my coat

Track Listing:

And i'm sitting with a stranger i feel so at home with
There's nothing i can do nothing i can say
That can take your limitless love away
You take off the mask and you really see...
You are not phased
By what's underneath


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