Where would i be

You can take my words and throw them out
you can take my home my steady job
You can take the pictures that i paint
you can take the music that i make
You can take the ground on which i stand
you can fell the tress burn them down
You can take the sunshine from the sky
you can take the vision from my eyes
You can take the stuff i don't want to give
you you can take all i can bring you
You can take my hands and my feet
you can take my strength and all things weak
You can run away with my every hope
you can chase away my every dream
But ther's one thing i ask of you
don't take you away from me

Track Listing:

Where would i be would i go without you by my side
You can take the plans i have made for you can take my smile and my tears
You can take my bravery and fear you can take all that i hold dear
You can take the world and his wife you can take my wrongs and my rights
You can take my secrets and make them known you can take everything i own


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