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And, like a breath of fresh air, the next independent release shows just how good one can be. In a style reminiscent of Susan Ashton, Rachel Macdonald blends thought provoking lyrics, with a rich taste of succulent tunes and produces an album that shows great promise. 'You Make Me Sing' has a feel good quality about it, and flows well as an opener. Closing proceedings is an Amy Grant-like ballad called 'Your Presence'. Indeed, the album is like a multi layered chocolate cake, with those two song providing the outer layers, and the filling being the numerous delicious songs in-between. 'Father's Heart' is a pretty little acoustic song, and the piano led 'Bus Window' provides the perfect vehicle for Rachel's vocal talents. 'I Believe in You' is a good pop song and I'm sure I heard just a glimmer or two of the quirkiness of Julie Miller, thrown in for good measure. Sound writing talents, a good voice, and instrumental skills - welcome, Rachel Macdonald. 9/10.
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