It's hard to tell who's telling the truth
It's one word against the other
So easy to lie in the middle and never find out
About the higher things in life
When you gonna reach down into the mysteries
When you gonna reach down into the mysteries
you've not yet unfolded

The truth is a god that cares
He speaks the truth to me and you
You're tears he holds in his hands he understands
He isn't a million miles away
The truth is Jesus died in you're place
He took the guilt of today away
His arms are open wide in him the truth you'll find
Don't listen to the lie and turn away

Track Listing:

Reach to him let him show you things, it's all so clear
You were created to know him and he's reaching
Reaching reaching out to you just reach back.
He's not a million not a million miles away no he's right here


The Macdonald Messenger

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