Monday morning can't stop yawning
Whilst whistling the radio tunes
Breakfast dawns like the birds in the trees
Postman's late and my watch wan't wait
Then I think of you and my heart skips a beat

And I can't resist you, as I turn my eyes to see you
Whatever the day brings you make me sing
You make me sing you make me sing,
You're the one who makes me wanna sing

Get to work in a heap like the paperwork
never done... till the pressures on
It's 5 o clock freedom and in rolls the weekend
And the sandhills are stealing my cares all away

Track Listing:

Whatever the time of day be,
Whatever the mood that takes me
Whenever I'm bold or carefree,
Whenever I'm tired of being me
Sometimes the world's a scary place,
and then I look up and see your face
Despite it all I feel so safe you make me sing


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