Casting a doubt on the things that I care about
Holding onto things that I know I can do without
Do I have a life when my life is falling apart
Can I have a love when all I feel is my aching heart

Can I see the light standing in a dark place
Can I see through the lines on her pretty face
Can I remember today is just a day
Can I let go and hold forever

Let my eyes see let them see clearly
With a blink of an eye tears are swept away
I see the picture and it's paradise
The fear that I knew the pain that I felt
The aching, the using of life damaged thought
The aching when you left my whole life in a mess
Open my eyes to see the bigger place

Track Listing:

Small minded I know I can be
Seeing past my front window was only a dream to me
Now I'm starting to see the plan you made
And I'm starting to grin cos the thoughts set me free
Nothing is in vain


The Macdonald Messenger

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